About us

Identity Games is a creator, producer and publisher of international
award-winning games perfect for children, adults, families and friends!

Based in Rotterdam, Identity Games is a creator of game brands that often reach global coverage.
With the experience of creating and designing games, combined with local marketing and sales experience
in the Benelux and the USA, Identity Games is able to offer all distribution partners strong brands with
marketing support.

Vision & Mission statement

If we want Identity Games to continue to grow, we need to know whether
we have a right to exist and what we strive for in the future.
In short: it's essential for us to have a clear mission and vision.
Our mission gives us our identity and right to exist while the vision
represents our ambition and direction.

Mission statement

What is Identity Games' right to exist? Below is our mission statement as we have presently defined it.

“We connect people by bringing them fun with our games and toys.” 


Additionally, we as Identity Games also have a vision. Below is our vision statement as we
have presently defined it.

Games have been played for centuries and will continue to be played.
We develop games and toys that fit our zeitgeist and anticipate the needs
of the player.

Additionally, we make every effort to do our work accurately, reliably,
cost-effectively, energy-efficiently, with high quality, safely and
environmentally friendly.”